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I decided to take a page out of something awesome today hehe! From :iconcynysterlove: !  Now, I don't bother tagging so go ahead and answer, if you dare!  Mwahahahahahaha!!

Moving's the rules...

1. You gotta post the rules.
2. You gotta tag thirteen people. (not happening with me.  So THERE!)
3. You must list thirteen random facts about yourself.
4. You have to answer all thirteen questions.
5. You must write your own thirteen questions.
6. You can't ignore/avoid this.
7. Tag-backs are allowed.
8. You have to do it within a week of being tagged.
9. Be creative with titles.
10. (For Wattpad users ONLY) You have to post it in one of your current stories, not a comment or anything similar to a comment.

Time for my thirteen facts...

1. I'm 25 Years old
2. I have been diagnosed with depression.
3. I am Bisexual.
4. I LOVE doggies!  And kitties too, but there is a special place in my heart for Labs.
5. I DESPISE pretty much ANYTHING to do with gardening.
6. I am a Biker Bitch.
7. I am a chocoholic
8. While I love them, I don't like spending a whole lot of time with my family, with the exception of my immediate family.
9. I can't really draw, and I'm okay with that.
10. While it comes and goes...I like Pokemon.  I can't help it! *hides face in shame.
11. I also like video games, mostly RPG's like Dragon Age and Skyrim.
12. Not a huge poetry fan.  *shrugs*
13. I love stuffed animals.  NO SHAME!!!

Time to answer the thirteen questions posed to me...

1. What on Earth made you stick around upon stumbling across my works?
You're interesting and I really enjoy your stories.  Plus, you are awesome!

2. If given a choice, would you stay indoors reading if it meant staying clean, or go jump on an ATV and kick up as much dust, dirt, and mud as you possibly could?

3. What part of a rock/country song catches your ear first? Fiddle, guitar riff, bass line, or percussion, etc.?
It depends.  With rock, it's a combination of guitar riff/percussion.  With the few country I like, probably more guitar.

4. Which accents from other countries can you impersonate fairly realistically, if any?
Um...British.  And not very well.

5. Who, if anyone outside your own mind, inspires you the most? What do they inspire you to do?
You, who pretty much inspires me to be myself and not give a rat's ass about what anyone thinks.  My parents, my favorite bands...that's pretty much it.

6. What do you watch on TV the most? Cartoons/other juvenile shows, documentaries/other educational shows, news, etc.? or two TV shows that catch my interest.  How it's Made, Mythbusters, things like that.

7. What's something aside from your own imagination that's inspired you lately (i.e. TV shows, songs, artwork, etc.)?
Eh...some books I've been reading.  Other than that, not much...

8. If you had to choose a particular style of house to live in, what would you go with? Victorian, modern, contemporary, etc.?
Ohhhhh...Victorian!  Oh that style is so gorgeous I want it!

9. Provided you had the resources to do it, would you build your dream house from the ground up, or would you buy an old fixer-upper and find ways of turning it into your dream home?
Eh...ground up I think.  Better that way to get what I really want...though I admit I don't have a dream home in mind.

10. Whether starting with a fixer-upper or breaking ground on a new house, how would you design your dream house? Old fashioned pencil and paper, or by using something like The Sims 3 or The Sims 4 to have a 3D model of what you want?
Probably use something like the Sims since I am useless at this sort of thing...

11. If you're a smoker and someone tells you you need to quit, do you honestly agree, whether you try to or not, or do you buck up and tell the person something to the effect of You're not my mother! You can't tell me what to do!?
Not a smoker so...I can't answer this.  I will say that unless I have severe breathing issues, do whatever the fuck you want.

12. Going simple here...spaghetti or alfredo?

13. And finally... If necessary for keeping one's creativity going/stress relief, would you roleplay with a trusted friend? *Note: I'm not including family here since I know some folks' families would ridicule them for such things quicker than friends.
I don't think chu need to guess the answer to this one, but hell yes.

Now here are my thirteen questions to...whoever!

1. Do you have any precious stuffed animals/possessions?
2. Favorite genre of movies?
3. If you were trapped in a room with your favorite musician/actor/etc, what would be your first reaction?
4. If you have any tats,which is your favorite?  If you don't have any, what would you get as your first?
5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it?
6. Hero or Villain?  And why?
7. Do you have a favorite book?
8. What is your least favorite social activity?
9. Do you like sports?  If so, which one?  If not, why?
10. Cats or Dogs?  Why?
11. Chocolate, or chocolate?
12. What/Who inspires your art/writing?
13. If you suddenly won the lottery, and had no financial debts and was free to splurge as you pleased, what would you do with your billions?


DarkSeraph28's Profile Picture
Samantha Realynn
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Pretty much just some crazy writer that's been inspired to do some crazy things as of late ;) Not much else to tell.

I'm a pretty simple kind of girl. I'm 23, I live in the United States, I work hard to keep my life afloat and try to be happy in whatever I do. My real name is Samantha, and one or two of you may know me from elsewhere on this site :) If you are one of those few, awesome and welcome to my page!!

A bit about me...not much to tell. Currently working, going to school for psychiatry/nursing. I hope to be working in a hospital in the next couple of months. So yay!

I'm not fond of labels. I think they are rather ridiculous and I do my best to avoid them. Especially "normal." I really do not like that word. What is normal anyway? As one of my favorite musicians said, "Normal? What's that? It's a setting on a washing machine. No one wants to be that."

I am a spiritual person, but unless directly asked that is my business. I have an open mind for any and all such beliefs, and to me as long as it makes you happy, then by all means rejoice in it :)

I love to read and write! My preferred genre is Fantasy, but if a book interests me then I will gladly take a chance with it. Seriously, books are my LIFE. I have a nice collection of books that is always growing.

My favorite musical genres are Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal and Classical Music. I HATE Rap, most R&B, and a good portion of techno. My favorite genre of movies is Horror. I HATE comedy movies...most of them anyway. But hey, if you like any of this stuff then by all means. After all, I firmly believe that different tastes in music and all other forms of media (despite my feelings on some of them) is what makes this world so diverse and interesting. After all, if everyone had the same opinion, things would get very boring very quickly.

I am a HUGE mythology nerd. I am fascinated by different cultures, their mythologies, as well as the symbolism found in old stories and even Biblical imagery.

So...that's all I can think of for right now :) Thanks for listening to my ramblings!

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